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From Lockdown to Freedom - A Year Around The B46 Countryside

Updated: Apr 1

We moved into Coleshill in Feb '20, just before the various lockdowns and restrictions hit but I was determined to not let this stop me from taking out my trusty camera and capturing what was close to me in the local countryside.

Over the last year I have been out and about exploring where I can and have created this photoblog to show a small selection of the images I captured during this time. All photos below were taken in '20/'21 and all of them from within the B46 area (apart from a couple of honorary ones from Kingsbury)

Looking back at these images makes me realise how lucky I am to live in an area with access to such beauty.

Furnace End

I spent a lot of Spring '20 here especially after I found a field full of daisies and poppies. I hope to extend my walks towards Hurley way this year and see what I can discover

Shustoke & Hoggrill's End

Shustoke was closed early in spring '20 so wasn't until the Autumn that I really started exploring this area. Hoggrill's End I didn't even discover until late winter but it opened up a whole new area for me.

Over to Maxstoke

I knew of Maxstoke before we moved over here but only really one small area so was so nice to have a few days where I could just wander around the country footpaths, lanes and the quite beautifully landscaped golf course.

Between Maxstoke and Coleshill

The area from Arnold's Lane to Duke End bridge and along the river is so lovely. I really didn't not spend enough time here in the last year but the views back to Coleshill in the fog were amazing, especially with the sunrise light

Coleshill Proper

From Cole End park up to the Croft, so much beauty in a small area and the field across the A446 is a delight at any time of the year but on frosty winter mornings it is something special

Lea Marston & Kingsbury

Finally and a little further out, somewhere I want to explore more of this year. I did travel out to here a few times but this year I will endeavour to explore a lot more. May not be B46 but is close enough

I hope you have enjoyed this lookback of the last year and if I have inspired anyone to go explore a little more then I am happy. I have explored further out (Curdworth, Middleton ect) but for now I will just share the beauty of the B46 area will continue exploring in 2021 and see what I can find this year in the local and perhaps, not so local areas.

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